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coaching practices in business environment

"When you can, ask yourself if you want it before you do it!


Training is organized as in-house and you can book appointment via e-mail:


The purpose of coaching is change. The Coach, like any individual or manager, is a changemaker who takes the cards you have and helps you play your hand better, change the rules of the game, or finds a better game.

The goal is to gain another perspective and empower the individual or team to implement change.

A change in just one area will bring transformation from whom the individual, the team, the project and the company will gain benefits in long run.

In this workshop you will gain insight into the application of coaching practices in a business and a project environment, in the areas of communication, relationships, influence, resistance, team leadership, problem solving and creativity. By using short case studies, practical exercises, lectures and knowledge exchange, participants have the opportunity to apply best practices and share experience that will ultimately enable them to successfully empower themselves and grow as leaders.

Knowledge needs to be refreshed to get new ideas, and that is exactly the goal of this workshop.





Target Audience

Individuals or teams who want to raise their "soft sills" on higher level.



  • Empower individuals to grow and find motivation - practicing introspection into individual goals, values and beliefs, finding the "Aha" that inspires person will help to find motivation to achieve personal and business goals. Ultimately, happy employee, gives back more to organization.

  • Build trust and embrace differences in teams - members of different teams will gain the necessary knowledge and tools to become more confident, competent and skilled to achieve results - for themselves, the organization and clients.

  • Change acceptance and future goals - what happens in change, how to deal with resistance and turn it to your own gain, how to release fears and build unexpected future is what distinguishes great leaders from geniuses.

  • Improved dialogue and problem solving skills - individuals and teams need to have strong communication and problem solving skills to be able unleash creativity that enables different and probably more successful results. Through the exercise of dialogue and solving business problems, the goal is to gain a different perspective and improve these skills.



Training outline

This 2 day training’s framework is based on several key topics with practical workshop and will cover following topics:



  • Coaching framework: goals, values and beliefs

  • What happens in change and how to deal with it

  • Listening and dialogue as coaching practices




  • Disc Flow results analysis and practice

  • Leader in Me

  • Team development and empowerment

  • Problem awareness and solving


After training all participants will get:

  • Disc Flow® Core report with EI profile and Group report

  • 14 educational hours of project management education that can be used for PMI certification holders or prerequisite for PMI certification application.

  • Certificate of attendance.

Training is organized in-house and you can book appointment via e-mail:


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