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DIALOGUE WITH project manager

"A lot of people have gone further than they thought they could because someone else thought they could" - Unknown 

A project management 3 months programme with the opportunity to embed the learning in 1:1 mentoring or coaching sessions for beginners, professionals and project enthusiasts in project knowledge domains  sharing experience and best practice on real project examples.

Providing coaching and mentoring sessions for different topics regarding project management and 

personal development:

  • Starting career path in project management

  • Becoming a certified professional and get project management certificate (CAPM, PMP, ACP)

  • Starting large and expensive project for the first time and need to setup methodology or mentor Project Managers

  • Preparation of project documentation for tenders

  • Forming a PMO office and don't know where to start and what methodology to apply (PMO setup)

  • PMO value evaluation for a Strategic/Enterprise PMO

  • Implement agile practices on projects and operations and develop agile teams

  • Personal development of "power skills" for individuals and teams leading or working on projects

  • Entrepreneurial mentoring - organization and management, personal development

  • Mentoring for Board of Directors - Portfolio Value Management

Each program is tailored based on individual Client needs and coaching/mentoring process is aligned with code of ethics and standards of conduct set by the organization EMCC Global and PMI organization.

Tatjana is certified Project Manager and EMCC accredited Coach& Mentor and approved Mentor consultant for business development inside  BOND Network project.

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Let Me Help You Manage Your Projects More Successfully!

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