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INTENSIVE project management TRAINING:

"how to become & remain successful Project manager"

„The best project managers are outstanding leaders. 

They motivate, bring people together, and accomplish great things. They lead with accountability, are risk aware, and have courage to act. They get the best and the most exciting assignments.

They are the ones that succeed.”

Training is organized as in-house and you can book appointment via e-mail:


The training will provide basic knowledge, guidance and practical advice on how to build and improve the skills of achieving results in a complex project environment for beginners and anyone who want to start a career in project management. Participants will learn how to effectively manage projects from start to finish through various areas of knowledge and project management phases. Understanding the concept of project and project methodology is based on PMI® standards and practices.




Target Audience

The training is ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to better manage the project, from project administrators, coordinators, business owners, managers and members of project teams in the real and public sector, owners and directors of SMEs, directors of institutions, anyone who wants to acquire knowledge and skills of project management or to understand how to function in a project-organized environment.who do not have or have little experience in project management, and want to start a career in project management or participate in projects in different roles. From workshop will benefit also Project Managers who have experience and are preparing for the PMP® certification and want to refresh basic project management knowledge.



On education you will learn what is the role, area of knowledge and skills of the Project Manager and get the necessary expertise to manage one or more projects within the organization:

  • Set project goals

  • Develop a project plan

  • Balance the requirements of project scope, time and cost

  • Plan, lead, monitor and complete the project within the planned framework

  • Monitor and control the process, provide the necessary documentation

  • Manage communication

  • Learn to avoid typical project management mistakes

  • Understand the project methodology as a team member


Training outline

This 2 day training’s framework is based on several key topics with practical workshop will cover following topics:


Introduction to the workshop

  • Introduction and introduction

  • Training objectives

  • Training content

  • Practical Group Exercise

Project Management Framework

  • What is a project

  • Differences between project, process and product

  • The difference between a project, a program and a portfolio

  • Project management methodologies

  • The role of the PMO

  • The role and skills of the project manager

  • The role and skills of project team members

  • Possible factors affecting the project

  • Practical Individual Exercise

Project Lifecycle, Process Groups and Knowledge Areas

  • Project life cycle process concepts - traditional vs. agile

  • 5 process groups (Preparation, Planning, Execution, Monitoring & Control, Closing)

  • 8 out of 10 areas of project management knowledge (scope, time, budget, stakeholders, risks, communication, resources)

  • Practical Group Exercise

Project Preparation Phase

  • Key activities in the project launch process

  • How to start a project

  • Feasibility analysis, project scope, plan and budget

  • Project strategic and specific objectives, assumptions, constraints and risks

  • Creating a project charter and stakeholders register




Project Planning Phase

  • Defining business needs - requirements analysis, requirements matrix

  • Defining the scope of the project

  • Methodology for estimating the duration of activities

  • Development of a project schedule

  • How to plan a project budget

  • Risk structure and planning

  • Qualitative and quantitative risk analysis

  • Develop a risk register

  • Develop an organizational structure and resource plan

  • RACI matrix design

  • Project communication management concepts

Development of the Project Plan

  • Practical Group exercise - project examples from different industries


Project Execution Phase

  • The role of the Project Manager in the project implementation phase

  • Project team management

  • Communications management

  • Escalation matrix

  • Risk management

  • Managing stakeholders expectations

Monitoring and control of key aspects of the project and Project closure

  • Project monitoring & controlling processes

  • Project Scope, Time and Budget Control (EVM technique)

  • How to manage change

  • Project closure procedures

  • Tips and tricks for effective project managemen​t

PMI-PMP®, PMI-CAPM® certification process (optional)


After training all participants will get:

  • Original custom made templates of project documents used in presentation.

  • Individual consultations on project management topics for participants 10 days after training.

  • 14 educational hours of project management education that can be used for PMI certification holders or prerequisite for PMI certification application.

  • Certificate of attendance.


 This trainig can be organized in-house or as mentoring sessions with candidates. You can send additional questions of book appointment via e-mail:


Let Me Help You Manage Your Projects More Successfully!

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