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„Alone we are smart, together we are brilliant.“


Training is organized as in-house and you can book appointment via e-mail:


Power skills („soft skills“) are at the heart of leading successful teams, influencing stakeholders and conquering challenges in business environment. Developing these skills will bring entire team along for journey to execute common organizational vision and enable professionals to succeed in the workplace. 


Throughout this training that is based on Disc Flow® model by combining behavioral and emotional intelligence, individuals will become more aware of themselves and others and become more thoughtful in their interactions with others to improve communication and create stronger, healthier and more productive relationships.




Target Audience

Individuals and teams who want to raise their "soft skills" on higher level.



  • Understanding personality and situational behavior - raise awareness of the behavior of oneself and within the team, understand, recognize and adapt behavior accordingly.

  • Efficient team work - create a common culture and plan that will help team to collaborate and grow together.

  • Develop emotional intelligence – awareness of EI profile and get best practices how to improve it even more.

  • Recognize leadership skills - recognize your own leadership style and prepare what and how to develop in future. 

Training outline

​Training framework is based on several key topics with practical workshop and will cover following topics:​

  • Disc Flow® individual and group results analysis and practice

  • Group exercise – 4 angles

  • Efficient team work

  • Emotional intelligence model – exercise how to improve all dimensions

  • Leader in Me

During the training all participants will get:

  • Disc Flow® Core report with emotional intelligence profile and team Group report

  • 7 educational hours of project management education that can be used for certification holders or prerequisite for PMI certification application.

  • Certificate of attendance.

This trainig is organized in-house and you can book appointment via e-mail:


Let Me Help You Manage Your Projects More Successfully!

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